Knowledge base

Getting Started (2)

The fundamentals to get started with Newired

Installation & Administration (2)

Everything you need to properly install, and maintain Newired services

Managing Content (4)

Organize your content, manage translations, reuse or duplicate journeys and tips and configure the overlay behaviour

Creating & Editing Journeys (2)

How to create Journeys. Best practices, resources information and guides

Creating & Editing Tips (2)

How to create Tips. best practices and technical information about tips

Analytics & Reporting (1)

How to enable user feedback and collect Journey analytics and reports

Add-ons & Plugins (2)

Everything related to Newired addons such as Newired Surveys or Zendesk Guide Integration

Technical Resources (2)

Additional resources related to Architecture, Security or Customization

Debugging (1)

Multistep process to identify a problem in the browser or editor, collect data to send to the Newired support desk.

FAQ'S (4)

A compilation of the most frequent questions asked by our customers and prospects