Building a Survey

Modified on Thu, 27 Oct, 2022 at 2:08 PM

When you active the plugin for Surveys on the website, you will be able to insert Surveys, tests and quizzes either to your Journey Step or to a Tip.


To actually build a Survey, go to the editor.

You can add a Survey to a Journey Step:



Or to a Tip:


From both options, a Survey editor will open. To the left side, you will see a Toolbox, which will allow you to add question by question to your Survey.

Select the kind of question you want and drop it in the white field. For an explanation of the kinds of questions available, please check the article "Types of Questions".


Once you choose a type of question, click on edit and modify the fields accordingly.

By clicking on the Edit Button, another window will appear, allowing you to edit the question in greater detail.


By scrolling down the "Edit" window, you can also edit visibility rules for a given question. This way, you can define, for example, that a question will only appear if the user provided a specific answer:


Going back to the Survey editor, by clicking on the following buttons, you can quickly edit your question. From the left to the right, these buttons allow you to:

  • Delete a question;
  • Make the question visible or invisible;
  • Make a question mandatory;
  • Duplicate a question;
  • Change the type of question you're working on.

Finally, by clicking on "Test Survey", you can have a preview of the Survey you are creating and take it yourself, to test if it works:


As a last step, you should define how you will receive the survey results.

They are to be sent to an email address, with the information you define on "Survey Settings". You should add the Subject line of the email, "Survey Name", and the actual e-mail address which will receive the input:



The final output of the Survey to the end user will be similar to what you see in the screenshot below. In this case, a Survey was added to a Tip, where after the button "Submit", you also have some other text input from the Tip itself:






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