How does Newired handle data collection?

Modified on Thu, 10 Aug, 2023 at 3:54 PM

Usage reports monitor the utilization of Newired DAS (Digital Adoption Solution) through an analytics framework. These reports are compiled in a fully anonymous manner, devoid of any personal information or identifiable details of individuals engaging with the DAS.

For the purpose of discerning the number of unique DAS users, we generate an anonymous user token, functioning as a web cookie. This token serves to differentiate between recurring and distinct users accessing the DAS. Due to the complete anonymity of this token, it is infeasible to trace back to specific individuals or extract personal data from it.

Although the incorporation of the usage reporting component is optional, we strongly recommend its utilization. The data collected remains entirely anonymous, and the resultant reports prove highly advantageous in refining user guidance for future enhancements.

Reporting Capability:

Customers have the option to embed an additional JavaScript snippet into their application, activating the reporting feature for Journeys usage and application visits.

This code snippet retrieves the Collector component from a designated source, subsequently archiving all activities associated with Journeys and Feedback within the Collector database. In cases where the customer deploys a custom script to identify end users or when end users explicitly provide their names during feedback submission, this information could contain user-specific data.

The reporting function compiles the ensuing data points:

- Session ID

- Visitor ID

- IP address

- Screen resolution

- Cookie ID

- Browser details

- Operating System details

- CPU architecture

- Device ID

- Availability of plugins

Moreover, it documents events such as:

- "Launcher Opened/Closed"

- "Journey Launched/Ended"

- "Step Shown/Hidden"

- "Journey Time"

- "Step Time"

Additional information encompassing:

- Feedback on Steps

- Feedback on Journeys

- Feedback Rating

- Feedback Messages

- User name

If chosen to be implemented, this reporting feature enhances the understanding of DAS usage patterns and empowers effective optimization of user experiences.

We understand that some clients may have specific requirements regarding data analytics and insights tailored to their unique needs. While our default usage reporting component provides valuable anonymized usage data for enhancing user guidance, we also recognize the importance of accommodating personalized analytics.

Please note that any personal analytics integration should adhere to privacy regulations and data protection standards. It's essential to ensure that the collected data remains compliant and respects user privacy.

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