Updating to a New Version Manually

Modified on Mon, 10 Oct, 2022 at 3:56 PM

You have to download Newired_Update_XX.X.zip from https://download.newired.com/ which contains all necessary files 
Follow these steps:

1. Stop Tomcat service (postgresql must be running).

2. Backup the following files:

  • <tomcat folder>/webapps/newired/WEB-INF/classes/application.properties
  • <tomcat folder>/webapps/collector/WEB-INF/classes/application.properties
  • <tomcat folder>/webapps/report/WEB-INF/classes/application.properties

3. Remove newired.war, collector.war and report.war from tomcat_folder/webapps

4. Remove newired, collector and report folders from <tomcat_folder>/webapps

5. Extract Newired_Update_XX.X.zip and copy new newired.war, collector.war, report.war into tomcat_folder/webapps

6. Start tomcat and wait until the .war files are exploded, then stop tomcat again

7. Enable Surveys and Zendesk plugins by

  • Create folder <Applicatoin Install> / plugins
  • Copy surveyjs.zip and zendesk.zip to this newly created folder "plugins"

8. Copy application.properties files back to their original folders

9. Add these lines at the end of the file <tomcat folder>/webapps/newired/WEB-INF/classes/application.properties, provide your SMTP configuration there and also add a security hash to <Security Hash>

newired.pluginsPath=<Applicatoin Install>/plugins








# Add Security Hash - 32  character generated

jwt.secret=<Security Hash>

# Expiration in seconds (4hrs)



10. Fix folder permissions assigning tomcat:tomcat as folder owner (change the user:group according to the user used to run tomcat if different from the default one)

11. You update the Newired Portal databases only for those databases for which they are prepared in the update scripts folder.

To run individual update scripts, use psql.exe on the command line (For example, see <Applicatoin Install> /postgresql/bin/psql.exe)

Run command for DB newired:

psql.exe -h localhost -U postgres -W -f update.sql -d newired

You can use the alternative PGAdmin tool to update your databases.

12. Edit <tomcat folder>/webapps/newired/WEB-INF/classes/application.properties and change Newired Version to the new one : newired.version=XX.X.X

13. Start tomcat again


Important for upgrade to 19.1

There is a new Newired Snippet for 19.1 version. You can find it on Portal in the Publishing section of Site. Please copy it from there and update it on your target application.

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