Newired Glossary

Modified on Mon, 25 Sep, 2023 at 10:20 AM

Autostart. Feature that allows you automatically start a Journey if the Rules requirements are met.

Browser Extension. Downloadable extension for Chrome and Edge which connects Target application and Newired Content, this is a type of Deployment achievable with Newired.

Content Author. Persona which main role is to create and manage content for the End Users guidance

Deployment. The procedure required in order to connect Newired Guidance over the Target Application

Editor. Standalone application which is required in order to create content

End User. Persona which role is to use Newired Guidance

Guidance.  The set of Journeys and Tips that guide the user through the target application

Journeys. A set of Steps which can guide End Users through specific processes inside a target application

Launcher. The triangle-shaped "Help" button which is used to open the Journey set  available on the current page

Portal.  The server of Newired which is used to publish content,read  reports, access site settings and manage different projects

Snippet. JavaScript piece of code which is used to connect Target application and Newired Content, this is a type of Deployment achievable with Newired.

Step. Base building block for Journeys, it consists of Callout, Dialog and Panel types.

Step Actions. Active set of rules which enables specific steps to Jump to other steps, Start new Journeys or Stop Journeys

Tips. Contextual bubbles which give additional information to End Users, this can be of type Hover or Icon.

Visibility Rules. Set of rules which enable visibility of Journeys, steps and tips.


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