URL Processing in Newired Application Release 24.0

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The latest release (24.0) of the Newired application introduces an innovative feature known as URL Processing within the Plugin framework. This powerful functionality is designed to revolutionize Overlay operations by enabling users to customize their journeys through URLs. The primary objective is to facilitate the reusability of Journeys across various pages that share similar contexts. In this article, we'll delve into the purpose of the Plugin and explore practical examples of URL processing.

Plugin Purpose:

The URL Processing Plugin serves as a dynamic tool for customizing Overlay operations. Its main goal is to enhance reusability, allowing users to seamlessly implement Journeys in different pages that have a common context. This is achieved through the meticulous rebuilding and comparison of stored Step URLs against the current browser URL.

Example of URL Processing:

Let's delve into a real-world scenario to understand how URL processing functions in the Newired application.

Step URL:

Consider a Step URL: https://example.com/project/123456/invoices, where '123456' is a dynamic value representing a project. When performing Page Navigation, this dynamic value needs to be replaced with the current project value. For instance, if the project is now '654321', the URL should be converted to: https://example.com/project/654321/invoices.

URL Comparison:

Another crucial aspect of URL processing involves comparing stored URLs with the current web browser URL. There are instances where specific parts of the URL should be replaced or ignored during this comparison.


Suppose we want to ignore dynamic or irrelevant parts of the URL during comparison. The following URLs should be evaluated as the same:

- https://example.com/project/123456/invoices?timestamp=11111111

- https://example.com/project/654321/invoices?timestamp=22222222

Polarion replaces project specific parts behind the URL hash and project keyword.


Custom configurable on Site level with RegExp pattern matching.

Limitation: possible to replace just one pattern match. So it can be used for polarion where just the project name is required to be replaced and not like Tagetik app where multiple occurrences are.




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