Connecting the Portal and the target site

Modified on Wed, 5 Oct, 2022 at 10:30 AM

How do we go about creating the guidelines on our own PCs using the editor to getting the guidance visible to end users on the target software? That’s the so called Deployment.

In a few words, we need the server of the target application and Newired’s server to communicate, so that the guidance layer is displayed to the end user.

Technically, this communication can be done in two different ways:


1. By adding a code snippet to the HTML code of the target application

This snippet is in Javascript and is provided by Newired Portal. It should be copied and pasted into the code of the target application. It is a piece of code which will make the communication between the target application and Newired’s server possible, collecting the information from the latter and turning it into visible guidance to the end users.

This option is ideal if you are to deploy Newired on your own application, as you have easy access to its code. It is a more demanding option if you are using a SaaS target software which does not allow for external integrations, where you’d need to request the target software vendor whether the snippet could be inserted.

This option can be done in two ways: manually or directly, depending on the configuration established during the installation. If the delivery server is different from the hosting server, you'll need to go for the manual option. 

If the delivery server is the same as the hosting server, you can deploy by simply pushing a button.

2. By adding browser extensions to the end users’ browsers

The communication between the two servers can also happen at the browser level. By installing a Newired browser extension, this communication will happen at the end user’s browser, so he or she will be able to see the guidance layer when using the target application. 

The advantages here are that you do not need to have access to the code of the target application, and that one single browser extension can make our guidance layer visible over multiple applications. On the other hand, as a disadvantage, you will need to have the extension installed on every end user’s browser.

Note that in case both the extension is installed and the snippet is injected in the target application, the snippet method will be used for Newired layer to be visible.

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